About Us

Eric Christensen and Mary Lyn Keck have a long history of Ballroom. They competed 10 dance together for 3 years, winning 10 dance 3 times at BYU, Amateur Latin, and consistently placed in the top 5 positions in Standard. They also danced on BYU’s Tour team and traveled to Moscow Russia, the Ukraine, Hungry, England, Scotland, Belgium, Germany and France, as well as competed with the Team at the prestigious Blackpool Competition in Blackpool England. When they were dancing together, Eric and Mary were also asked to compete in Kiev Ukraine where they had a marvelous time dancing and meeting some amazing people and dancers.

Mary has also been heavily involved with BYU’s Youth Team for many years and runs her own Ballroom Store, Red Tango.

And crazy as it seems, Eric’s oldest daughter Kaylee and Mary’s oldest son Brandon have been dancing together for over 12 years and won the national Amateur Smooth title in April 2017 and 2018.

So get ready, because the dynamic duo is back together. We may not be as good at dancing as we used to be, but we sure do have a lot to say about it!